Moment With God: Don’t Be Outside When God Closes The Door!

Imagine for a moment that today February the year 2013 is Judgement Day and God has made it clear that He’ll carry out His commandments to the letter: Those who failed to heed His word will perish but those who clung to it will be saved. Forty days prior to this date, Gen 6-8, the obedient have been instructed to approach the shore to board the only ship that will rescue them from imminent death.

There’s a captain appointed by God. This captain has led an unblemished life. He has been prayerful, obedient and compassionate. He has walked with God alongside his entire family. He leads his family inside the ship and then stands at the door to lead fellow unblemished people inside the boat. The disobedient stand outside, incredulous and complaining about the ‘heartless’ captain. The captain will not budge. He says laws are laws. The disobedient plead to be allowed in, promising to amend their ways, but the captain sticks to his guns.

Once all the obedient are safely tucked away inside this monstrous three deck ship, God Himself reaches out for the door and closes it. Those inside watch in horror as the saviour’s ship moves away. Some, unbelieving, chase after the ship, daring to wade into deep waters while pounding the body of the ship to no avail.


Reality now begins to sink in. Little drops of rain appear. The bigger drops starts falling. Wait a minute. Wasn’t there a talk of impending flood? Oh yes, my friend had told some friends that God was displeased with our behavior and was sorry. He had created us and that He was going to destroy us in a flood. By now, it is pounding.

We run to look for shelter because the rain is no longer water but hail. Seeing that it is not letting up, we brace the pain anyway and head back home. We are accustomed to rain. It will subside, it always does. We retire to bed but by morning, neither the rain nor it intensity has toned down. No one is able to venture out, but something alarms us. The water levels are furiously rising.

Today, it is obviously no work will be accomplished. The land will not be tilled. Very few will make it to the office. Most electricity lines are damaged and no places have been plunged into darkness. By the third day, with the rain still steady, reports of people being swept awkw begin to emerge. There is intense wailing from all corners. A fortnight later, not many are left. Those that climbed the trees or moved to higher grounds watch desperately as God refuses to hear their prayers to halt the rain.

It rains 40 days and 40 nights. A couple of days later, the people in the ship dock and take stock. Not a single living thing is in sight, plant or animal. Everybody and everything has been swept into oblivion. It was David who said what a terrible thing it is to fall into the hands of the mighty God. Hebrews 10:31. He will punish disobedience. We don’t want to be on the outside when God closes the door. Make every effort to please God by obeying His commandments.









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