The Man With An Angel Face

The name Stephen means wreath or crown.

One of the chosen disciples to serve tables.

Stephen was the most prominent of these.

Although called to supervise benevolence s, he over leaped the limitations of his task and became a powerful preacher.

He was also the first martyr of the Christian Church being stoned to death by the Jews [Acts 6:5-9; 7:59; 11:19; 22:20].

The remarkable defence of Stephen in which he summarized the Old Testament teachings provoked the Jewish leaders so much that they cast him out of the city and brutally stoned him to death. God, however, can make the wrath of man to praise Him, thus the prominent fruit of Stephen’s martyrdom was the conviction and conversion of Saul of Tarsus, who witnessed Stephen’s illegal murder, unsanctioned by Roman law.

Stephen.s character is worthy of Emulation.

He was a man:

  • Full of Faithno room for doubt or fear in his heart Acts 6:5
  • Full of Gracea gift from God providing itself in graciousness Acts 6:8
  • Full of Power the ability of God to do things Acts 6:8
  • Full of Lightthe Holy Spirit within have him the face of an angel Acts 6:15
  • Full of ScriptureStephen covered history from Abraham to Christ Acts 7.
  • Full of Wisdom Acts 6:3,10, wisdom from above James 1:5
  • Full of Couragethe face and fear of man did not trouble Stephen Acts 7:51-56.
  • Full of Lovethe stones broke Stephens head at not his heart. Grace was his to give his murderers Acts 7:60.