God Becomes Visible in the Battle

Weeping may last through the night but joy comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5Watch the videoThis is hard for me to address: battles that have beat God’s children down. The mother’s heart inside me breaks every time a woman, man, or child has been bused or treated unjustly. I would love to have the power to come to you personally and wipe out your memory of every horrible thing you’ve had to witness or experience in this sinful world.

I am truly sorry for whatever you have been forced to walk through because of someone else’s actions. I know how heavy chains of rejection and abuse can feel–I’ve felt plenty of that myself.

There is a power stronger than those who have hurt you, and that power is from God. He can–and He will–unlock your chains if you will lift your hands to heaven and cry out to Him. Our Lord is knocking at the door of your heart, asking you to let Him set you free. I encourage you today to let Him deal with those who have made you feel like you’re in prison. He is a just God and will not tolerate those who attack and abuse His own.

My prayer for you right now is that, as you watch this video and read the scriptural love letter below, you will find renewed faith to trust your Heavenly Daddy and let him fight for you and deal with those who have hurt you so He can unlock your life and set you free, once and for all!

His Love Letter to You

I believe if your heavenly Father wrote you a personal love letter for today, it would read like this:

Beloved Child,

I know there are those who commit what seems like unforgivable sin. Sometimes such a person has hurt you. But I am a just God, and I will deal with those who have hurt My child. I want to set you free from this deep, dark pain inside your soul, so I am asking you to unlock the prison door that holds your heart hostage from receiving My blessings. If you refuse to forgive, you are not only hurting those who have caused you pain, you are hurting yourself. Now take the key to freedom I offer today and release yourself by releasing the person who caused you pain. It’s time to be free.

Your Father and Redeemer

Treasure of Truth

No one can cancel the call of God on your life. You are His!

by Sheri Rose Shepherd


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