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Pastor, Elder, Counselor, Group Leader, Supervisor, or Parent are you leading in the way of culture or the way of Jesus?

To lead as Jesus Means two things: be submitted to God and serve people. The way of culture is to take charge, push to get ahead, and strive to get what you want. But Jesus shows us what submission looks like in leadership. He shows us a leader who is gentle and humble in heart, yoked to God’s leadership Matthew 11:25-30, ESV. Over and over, Jesus said,”I only do what I see the Father doing.” John 5:19, ESV.

“Jesus Rhythm of Life ” put first priority on intimacy with the Father and He kept submitting himself to the Father’s lead so that his life and leadership flowed in the Spirit-currents of the Father’s love and wisdom. If necessary, Jesus was prepared to abruptly breakf into prayer in order to stay under the Leadership of the Father and the anointing to the Holy Spirit. See Matthew 11:25, ESV. The way of the culture is to hurry, we hurry to get more done, we hurry to get where we want to go, but when we hurry, we lose touch with God and we neglect to care for the people around us.

When Jesus picked up a towel to wash his disciples feet at the Last Supper, he wasn’t doing something religious, he was serving them, simply doing what needed to be done and cleaning their dirty feet John 13:1-19. This unhurried kindness exemplifies how Jesus lived his whole life. Being unhurried helped him always to care for the people around him.

To follow the way of Jesus in your leadership sold requires resisting the Hurried– make it happen– mentality of our culture. Instead, we’re to be as a caring shepherd over the flock, not loading over them or seeking selfish gain, but humbly submitting to God and serving others.This is the way of Our Good Shepherd, 1 Peter 5:1-5, ESV. Try waiting on God in prayer first–before an important decision, before a conversation, before beginning a staff meeting–small group, or even family gathering. Even just a few minutes meditating on a Scripture and waiting on God in prayer-whether alone or with a group your’re leading – will help you to lead like Jesus.

Jesus Rhythm of Life

Jesus lived in a particular rhythm of life that was essential to his well-being, his own faith-life, and his ministry to others. It was his way of life with the Father that was the secret to the holy and wholesome life he lived.

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humble me with a purposed heart that I will not defile myself with the desires of this world, and made up my mind not to be conformed to the ways of this life.

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