Everything New: God’s Attributes!

He Is Changeless.

Imagine our confussion if we thought that God is glorious {sometimes} or is Spirit {once in a while} or knows us {atleast 75 percent of us, plus or minus 5 percent. No, whatever God is, He is consistently. God “does not change like shifting shadows” James 1:17, NIV. Everything in life changes. God will one day roll up the universe like a robe , “But you [God] remain the same , and your years will never end.”

What parent hopes to be consistent, even-handed, fair, reliable, steady- God is. He always is. He is only Father who is never arbitrary,neve capricious ,never moody. What was true about God 4,000 years ago when He called Abram is still true about God today, will be true for your great grandchildren and for all eternity.

God’s great. This is the song sung by the universe. It is the proper interpretation of every heartbeat,every breath, and every step of our lives,

This is what Mary, the mother of our Lord Jesus, meant when she said, My soul magnifies the Lord.”The news of God’s act of supreme greatness,bringing a rescuer into the world,inspired her to praise and adoration. But Mary, ”magnified” the Lord, not in the sense that she made him bigger, because her soul was enlarged by the greatness she was just beginning to comprehend.

No telescope ever made a celestial body larger,but by gaining a larger vision, a magnified vision, the beholder is changed by the greatness.

Greatness is our best hope, when we feel like our lives are just so many pieces, to know that there’s a way to pull it all together. We are pulled together and held together by the greater purpose of a greater being. So when we wonder where we fit in, or how we can go on after losing somebody important or whether we can do anything good in our lives, the answer comes from the throne of God of greatness. His invisible hand moves us more powerfully and carefully than any other influence in our lives. He is not puzzled by the puzzling pieces of life.


God enlarge me. I don’t ask you to make me bigger or more important, but I know I will get a fuller experience of your greatness, that my mind and my heart will be greater for it. But most of all, help to be exuberant in setting a course of life to know your greatness, and to speak of your greatness whenever I have the opportunity. Amen!

Excerpt from

Putting the Pieces Back Together: How Real Life and Real Faith Connect.

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