When We Suffer, Be in Christ!

If we suffer, we shall also reign with Him.2 Timothy 2:12(NIV)


We must not imagine that we are suffering for Christ, and with Christ, if We are not in Christ. Are you trusting in Jesus only? If not , whatever you may have to mourn over on earth you are not suffering with Christ.and have no hope of reigning with Him in heaven. Neither are we to conclude that all a Christian’s sufferings are sufferings with Christ, for it is essential that we be called by God to suffer. If we are rash and imprudent , and run into position for which neither providence nor grace has fitted us, we ought to question whether we are not rather sinning than communing with Jesus. If we let passion take place of judgement, and self-will reign instead of Scriptural authority, we shall fight the Lord’s battles with the devil’s weapons, and if we cut our own fingers we must not be suprised. Again, in troubles which come upon us s the result of sin, we must not dream that we are suffering with Christ. When Miriam spoke evil of Moses, and the Leprosy polluted her, she was not suffering for God. Moreover, suffering which God accepts must have God’s glory as end. If I suffer that I may earn a name , or win applause, I shall get no reward than that of the Pharisees. It is also requisite also that love to Jesus, and love to His elect, be fuse the mainspring of all our patience. We must manifest the Spirit of Christ in meekness, gentleness, and forgiveness. Let us search and see if we truly suffer what is our light affliction compared with reigning with Him? Oh , it is so blessed to be in the furnace with Christ. And such an honor to stand in the pillory with Him, that if there are no future reward, we might count ourselves happy in present honor; but when the recompense is so eternal, so infinitely more than we had any eternal right to expect, shall we not take up the Cross with alacrity, and go on our way rejoicing?


A Cry

Unto thee will I cry, O lORD my Rock; be not silent to me; kept, if thou be silent to me, I become like them that go down into the pit, Psalm 28:1

a cry is the natural expression of sorrow,and a suitable utterance when all other modes of appeal fail us; but the cry must be alone directed to the Lord, for to cry to man is to waste our entreaties upon air. When we consider the readiness of the LORD to hear, and His ability to age, we shall see good reason for directing all our appeals at once to the God of our salvation. It will be in pain to call to the rocks in the day of judgement, but our ROCK attends to our cries.

Be silent to me. Mere formalists may be content without answers to their prayers, but genuine suppliants cannot; they are not satisfied with the results of prayer itself in calming the mind and subduing the will… they must go further, and obtain actual replies from heaven, or they cannot rest; and those replies they long to receive at once, they dread even a little of God’s silence. God’s voice is often so terrible that it shakes the wilderness; but His silence is equally full of awe to an eager suppliant. When God seems to close His ear , we must not therefore close our mouth, but rather cry with more earnestness; for when our note grows shrill with eagerness and grief, He will not long deny us a hearing. What a dreadful case should we be in if the LORD should become forever silent to our prayers? Lest, if thou be silent to me; I become like them that go down the pit.

Deprived of God who answers prayers, we should be in a more pitiable plight than the dead in the grave, and should soon sink to the same level as the lost in hell. We must have answers to prayer: ours is an urgent case of dire necessity; surely the LORD will speak peace to our agitated minds, for He never can find it in His heart to permit His own elect to perish.