God’s Gracious Election of Israel.

Covenants of Israel not set aside by Gospel. The seven-fold privilege of Israel. The blinding of Israel and God’s mercy to the Gentiles.Characters:God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Moses, Pharaoh, Paul, Rebecca, Isaiah.Conclusion:God is absolute sovereign in disposing of the children of men with reference to their eternal state. He dispenses His gifts to whom He will without giving us His reasons, but we may rest assured He is a competent judge. Gentiles are permitted by Him, by the short cut of believing in Christ, to attain to that for which the Jews had long been “beating about the bush,” but lost because of sin and unbelief.

  • Key Word:Election, v.11.
  • Strong Verses:20;21;33.
  • Striking Facts:v.33

. It is sad that the foundation stone should be to any a stone of stumbling, and the rock of salvation a rock of offense, but so He was to the Jews, and is still to multitudes. Those who do believe, however, shall not be ashamed, for their expectations in Him shall never be disappointed.

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humble me with a purposed heart that I will not defile myself with the desires of this world, and made up my mind not to be conformed to the ways of this life.

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