Saved To Serve


  1. As we continue to study christianity and its significance, we need to realize that:
    • Every right implies responsibility.
    • Every opportunity implies an obligation.
    • Every possession implies a duty.
  1. Enjoying a christian relationship with God involves accepting the responsibilities inherent in that relationship.
    • Duty without doctrine is like a tree without roots.
    • But doctrine without duty is like a tree without fruit.
  1. A Christian is a person called to God’s service.
    • 1Thessalonians1:9
    • We are obligated to fulfil our individual service.
    • Say attention to the ministry you have received in the LORD, so that you can accomplish it.Colossians 4:17



  1. This fact is seen in the various designations used to describe Christians:
  1. As Christians we are to be:
  1. A Christian’s ago should be to do God’s will.
    • Notice Jesus’ attitude, John 6.38,is this true of us?
    • Doing God’s will pleases God,2Co 5:9.
    • A non-active Christian puts his soul in jeopardy,Mat 25:31-46.
    • The Spiritual free loaderwho is just a long the ridewill be sadly disappointed, Matthew 7.21
    • Unused abilities and opportunities will eventually be withdrawn.
    • We are responsible for doing what we can, Mark 14:8


  1. Christians are identified as:
  1. A christians activity must consist of :
  1. We need to be honest with ourselves, and ask questions concerning our abilities and opportunities.
    • Concerning our abilities we need to ask:
      1. In what ways am I especially blessed by God?
      2. What do I possess that might be used in the LORD’s work?
      3. What do I derive fulfilment from doing?
      4. What do I Enjoy doing?
      5. What comes naturally for me?
      6. What might I learn to Do?
    • Concerning our opportunities we need to ask:
      1. What needs to be done in the LORD’s work?
      2. What Scriptural restrictions govern the work?
      3. What other factors any limit my opportunity?
      4. What is now being done inadequately?
      5. What problems exist that need to be solved?
      6. What are others doing that I need to help do?
    • We need to develop certain attitudes concerning our Christian work:
      1. Gratitude for the privilege, 1Tim 1:12
      2. Initiative, willing to work without havin to be plodded, 1Tim 4:12
      3. Be positive, Philippians2:14
      4. Enthusiasm, as an example note, 2 Cor9:7
      5. A mind to work Nehemiah 4:6
      6. Resistence, Galatians 6:9


  1. There are five different Greek words used in the New Testament that emphasize this fact: