From the PULPIT: Love – God’s Way

On that day, a man will commit himself to his beloved, a woman will say ‘yes’ to a marriage proposal. Many college students, after a red rose and red wine, will give in to a lover’s demand for the sign of your love for me.This guy is serious,they will reason. He has done all this for me, why should I deny him what he asks for.

Before you put on your dreamy eyes and take off to cupid’s world, take deep breathe, look into your lover’s eyes and ask yourself, did he fall in love with me, or is he in love with me. Let’s go through this together. To love is divine and God is love. Therefore to love is reaching out to God.

1 Corinthians 13:13 chronicles love as the greatest of virtues and Romans 13:10asserts that love is the fulfilment of the law. So great is love that Jesus summarised it as the greatest of all in the mosaic commandments.

There’s only a little problem with February love,and that is its insistence of falling in love.It is true that God is love, but falling in loveis not love, though it may bear some components, to real love. I say this for two reasons.

  • Firstly,the experience of falling in love has baggage of sexual invecourse or desire for the same. The lovers may say to each other, I love you,but what they mean is, I want you sexually,I desire your body.Consider this, we do not fall in love with our parents, our children and siblings – even though they mean the world to up. Given, the first motivation of falling in love is basically sexual.
  • Secondly,falling in love is temporary. It doesn’t matter who we fall in love with, sooner or later we fall out of love with them – usually when our sexual need is met, or frustrated. Falling in love is the cause of many heartbreaks, abortions, unwanted pregnancies, and suicides. Bear in mind that God is love, and the consequences of falling in love are sin sin to God. Do you then think that falling in love is Godly?

True love, is ‘self giving.’ It is an extension of one’s limits or boundaries. It requires effort and sacrifice. In true love, a man continues to care for his sick and bedridden wife for years, even though he can’t have sex with her. A woman lives on with a man who is so wretched he can’t feed his family. In true love, God have His ONLY son, to redeem humanity, even though had sinned against Him John 3:16. This love is not based on looks or what the other party brings into the relationship. In true love, there is no show me proof of your lovetalk, because it isn’t about the othe loving you, but you loving the other. It is to love the neighbor, as you love yourself, Mark 12:31.

True love is eternal, not temporary. It has no ultimatums or deadlines. If someone is in love, they are in love and can do nothing about it. A lover does not therefore, get bored out of love, he or she does not suddenly ‘discover’ that the other is not the one for me.

So, when your lover goes on one knee, be sure he is in love with you and not just ‘fallen in love’ with you. When she tells you that she will commit suicide if you left her, think twice whether it is not because so something you give or do to her. And time tells all. God is the author of love and marriage. Jesus showed His reverence for marriage by beginning His miracles at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.

As in all things pertaining love, beware of things that are temporal, because those are of this world and not such as develops the spirit for eternal bliss. If your love is only for your bodies and this world, maybe you should go back to the drawing board, for what is born of human nature is human (temporary), what is born of the Spirit is spirit (eternal) John 3:6