Daddy’s Love

Proverbs 3:1-12.
In this section, a father encourages his son to remember his teaching, including love and faithfulness (vv.1;3:3). In doing so, the son will be ensured a long and successful life (vv.2; 3:4). The father also tells his son to trust in and acknowledge Yahweh rather than his own wisdom (vv.5-8), to honor Yahweh with his wealth (vv.9-10), and to accept Yahweh’s discipline (vv.12-12).

3:1 My child See note on 1:8. 3:2 day, years of life In Proverbs, the reward for wisdom and righteousness is long life and success (10:2; 12:28; 16:22). 3:3 Loyal love The Word chesed describes a faithful covenantal love. See note on 2:8 . Steadfast love and faithfulness preserve the rule of a king (20:28).