Psalm 46 is the first of several songs of zion (Pss 48 ;76; 84; 87; 132;) that celebrate God’s presence and protection. After identifying the Provides of refuge and strength, the psalmist celebrates His protectio in natural disasters (vv. 1-3) and from enemy nations (vv. 4-7). The Psalmist invites people to behold God’s works in general. He quotes God and concludes by reaffirming His protection presence (vv.8-11).
sons of Korah See Num 26:11 and note. According to Alamoth A musical term. In 1 Chr 15:2, it is related to harps.

Psalm 46:1 refuge, The term machseh, which refers to the place of refuge, gives an image of stronghold or impenetrable fortress (61:3 ;91:2). It emphasizes God’s protection.
strength: the term oz emphasizes God’s power to protect or save (21:1 ;29:11).
very sufficient: God’s help is always available to His people.Psalm 46:2-3 The psalmist describes natural catastrophes such as earthquakes, stormy waters, and unstable mountains, which symbolized the forces of chaos in the ancient Near East, see note on Psalm 18:7-19. These verses recall God’s power over chaos as evidenced in creation (see Gen 1:2 and note ). The psalmist declares they will not fear the forces of chaos because God is their refuge and strength (v.1)