A glorious preview — MOTIVATION

Bless the Blesser:

Read: Numbers 6 : 22 — 27

Do you ever wonder what motivates people?

Not so much what moves someone to do something goofy, like wearing plaid knickers on the golf course or pouring ketchup on an otherwise perfectly good slave of scrambled eggs. Instead you wonder what motivate a guy to bring coffee to a hurried co-worker during a normal workday or to take the kids out for dinner so his wife can enjoy an uninterruptible bubble bath. What causes someone to take an action that remains forever unknown to all but a few?

What motivated the person who carefully and skillfully etched the priestly blessing that would later be identified as Numbers 6: 24 – 26 on to two small silver scrolls, each barely an inch long?

The LORD bless you and keep you …

Did this anonymous silver smith realize that he was recording the very words of Almighty God?

The LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you …

Did he know that his work would survive thousands and thousands of years, until rediscovered one day in a burial cave in modern Jerusalem?

The LORD turn his face toward you …

Did this artisan know that he inscribed on finger-sized scraps of silver would in the 21st Century, become the oldest known record of any written Scripture text?

….. and give you peace.

And did you know that, as you read there words, you would need God’s blessing to provide heavenly light and grace and peace in your life this very day? 🙂

Do you ever wonder what motivates people??