The Book Of Daniel

Worship in theot, as now, is relational. The condition of a person ‘s heart – which was the center of being in Hebraic thought – was the most critical aspect of the worship relationship Psa 40:6-8 . The religion of Israel was established for the sale of Yahweh’s presence in the midst of His people Lev 26:13. Yahweh was not some distant god to be appeased , nor was He pleased by empty ritual; rather, He sought relationship with his people and welcomed it in many forms, including: petition ,pilgrimage,thanksgiving,the playing of instrumener,obedience,complain,lamentation,repentance, and remembrance – all which took both verbal and physical form (Exod 15:1-21; Esth 4:1-3; Pss 6:6; 121).

Yahweh’s presence with His people begins intimately with breathe that gives life to Adam and Eve. They remain in full communion with their creator until they eat the apple and discove their vulnerability. They can do nothing to restore their relationship to Yahweh themselves. Yahweh sacrifices animals Gen 3:21to clothe and cover their shame, thus resolving their alienation and preserving His relational presence by means of atonement(Isa 40:1-2;Romans 5:12;1 Cor 15:22,1 Cor 15:45). It is this active redemption that defines the core of Yahweh’s relationship with all of creation (Gen 9:8-16; Romans 8:18-23).