Is it Beneficial in any way?

“Genesis 4:1” says, Adam knew his wife and they begat Cain. Cain was the outcome or the offspring of a coming together of two people in a love relationship. Look at the things you love, the people you love and then look at what comes out of those relationships. Is it in line with God’s will and his plan for your life? Does it add value to your life? If not, why are you in that relationship?



Christian Standards!

‘Human rights’ have been substituted for Christian standards. ‘Rights’ represent only the personal views of a bench of judges of doubtful moral outlook. Their judgments have no ultimate sanction and are putting law and justice in jeopardy. The fear of God has evaporated. The Creator set goodness in the world, and inspired us to put our reliance upon Him and to live by the immense fact that He loves us. Secularism knows nothing about love – only sex. Fixation on sex as a major subject of public interest corrupts and fouls the mouths of millions. “These be thy gods, O Israel” (1. Kings 12,28). True progress is to know God, build upon His word and follow Jesus. the law of God of loving Him, and loving your neighbors is the only keys than can surpass all the evil things, oppression, depression, for this Law is made out of Love, meant to give peace, unlike the law of man who only aims to do anything what is comforting for the flesh, without even seeing the future effects it holds. And we shall know the truth and the truth shall set us free. God’s moral standards and values are we ought to follow and live for. May God touch our hearts and souls daily as we seek to honour Him with all our heart.