Hannah Prays Part 3: God’s Judgements Against His Proud Enemies

Do not keep talking so proudly or let your mouth speak such arrogance,for the Lord is a God who knows, and by him deeds are weighed, 1 Samuel 2:3(NIV)

  • The way that God saves his people is perfect, 1 Samuel 2:1(NIV)
  • His holy nature is perfect 1 Samuel 2:2(NIV)
  • His judgements against his proud enemies are perfect ,1 Samuel 2:3(NIV)
  • Because God is holy, he saves his people from the proud plans of their wicked enemies , 1 Samuel 2:1-3[NIV]

These proud enemies prepare to fight against God’s servants. They speak proudly because they are confident of success , Ps 2:1-3(NIV). They even dare to insult God himself. However, their words are in vain, because God is on the side of his people, Daniel 7:20-22[NIV]. He will fight for them, and nobody can defeat God ,Psalm 2:4-6(NIV)

  • God has perfect knowledge ; He knows everything
  • He is aware of how those proud enemies have insulted his people
  • He knows about their evil plans even before they begin to carry them out, 2 Kngs 6:8-12(NIV)
  • By the power of the Holy Spirit, Hannah declares God’s judgement against his enemies
  • God knows what they are saying; and he is their judge
  • People weigh an object to test whether it is the proper weight
  • In the same manner, God weighs (or examines) deeds. He makes sure that they are right and proper
  • This could refer to people’s deeds; if so, the meaning is that God is our judge. However, the phrase seems to refer to God’s deeds; in other words, the acts that God carries out. So, the meaning is thatall God’s acts – especially his judgements – are right and proper.

Hannah Prays Part2 :The one and only God!

1 Samuel 2:2, says,

Hannah prayed this prayer when she handed over her son, Samuel, to work for God. God filled her with his Spirit and with joy as she praised him. It seems clear that she did not just speak these words from her own mind.

God showed her what she should say.
In 1 Samuel 2:1, Hannah spoke about the good things that God does for his people. However, God’s people do not only praise him because of the things that he does for them. They also praise him because of who he is. In other words, they praise him because of his perfect and wonderful character. He is the holy God; and he is the only God. All other gods are therefore false gods. None of them has the right to be called holy. None of them is like the real God. So really, they are not gods, although people may wrongly call them that. Hannah calls God her ‘Rock’, that is, her strong defence. In several places, the Bible calls God a ‘Rock’. For example, see Deuteronomy 32:4 and Psalm 18:2. As a storm has no effect on a strong rock, so troubles cannot disturb God. As a house on rock stands firm Matthew 7:24-27, so God’s people can always trust him. They do not need ever to be afraid, because he will never disappoint them. People may imagine that a false god can provide safety; but of course, they are wrong.
No other god can save (or rescue) his people. No other god can keep his people safe.
Only the real God who created heaven and earth, can do these things.

Scripture Poetry Part 1.

Colossians 3:16 – 17

May the word of Jesus Christ

Make its home in your hearts

And dwell in all its richness,

Permeating every part

So you may have His wisdom

In teaching one another

What you have learned from Him


Shared with sisters and brothers
And we will sing a new songWhen His Holy Spirit comes in


Making melody in our hearts

With spiritual songs and hymns

And whatever you may do

In word


thought or deed


Do everything in the name of Jesus


Giving praise unto thee

©By M.S Lowndes

Hannah Prayes Part 1

◄1 Samuel 2:1►

My heart rejoices in the LORD


my horn is lifted up by the LORD


My mouth boasts over my enemies


because I rejoice in Your salvation

.When Hannah spoke these words, she was speaking by the power of the Holy Spirit.The words were hers, but God gave her the power and knowledge to speak them. That fact becomes clear when we compare Hannah’s prayer with other similar passages, for example Luke 1:67-70, or 2 Samuel chapter 22 and 2 Samuel 23:1-4. The fact should not surprise us. Women can speak by the power of the Holy Spirit, even as men can (Luke 1:41-42; 1 Corinthians 11:5). In fact, nobody can declare the truth about God except by the power of the Holy Spirit (1 Corinthians 12:3). At the start of her prayer, Hannah expresses the joy that God has given to her. A horn is a sharp, bony point that grows on the heads of some animals; Hannah uses the word ‘horn’ as a word-picture for strength.
God has made her strong and he has saved her from her enemies. Hannah is not referring to the cruelty of her husband’s second wife (1:6-7). She speaks by the power of the Holy Spirit; she declares future events. God saves his people from all their enemies: from evil deeds, death, the devil and hell. It was right for Hannah to declare these things as she gave her son to God. Samuel’s work for God was an important part of God’s plan to save his people.